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What you SEE is what you Get!

I spy with my little eye, something that is...

Remember this childhood game? Ha! I do all so well. The joy of surveying a room to find the most inconspicuous things that could be easily overlooked or unseen by someone else… the things we deemed fun!!!

While such games were fun in our childhood, it is unfortunate though that we are all adults and so many are still spying with their “little” eyes. Dreaming dreams with those same little eyes because we are too afraid to look at and call out the elephant in the room. We are so afraid of standing out because maybe everyone would notice our weaknesses, flaws, scars, and shortcomings. We dream dreams that we hope would one day materialize but shy away from them because everyone’s eyes would behold them…. And that’s just not how the game should be played, right? We find ourselves spying through our little eyes and hoping the world doesn’t notice us in the crowd. We unintentionally stuff ourselves into boxes built by people’s opinion, perception, and assumptions. We plead and pray for the big life but find ourselves gravitating to the back stage because we are afraid to perform center stage, where we can be seen.

Oh to think this game was so nice as a child. But what do we say to those who have eyes but cannot see, or ears and do not hear? Or maybe even feet, but are afraid to walk. How then can we experience living our best lives when we fail to tap into the gifts given to us? When I talk about sight, I’m not talking merely about the things you can see with your natural eye, those things like beauty, life in full color, flowers in full bloom, and the like. I want to dispel the notion that “Seeing is believing”. How then are you faith filled if you have to see it all to know it exists, that it is real and it can be YOURS? Facts tells me if I can see it then it is evidence of its existence. Faith, on the contrary, tells me, you need no evidence but only to believe. I DO NOT have to see that I am the curse breaker for my family to know that it so. I DO NOT have to see plenty money around to know that I will always live in abundance and overflow. I DO NOT have to see everything in my life work its way out to know that ALL things are working for my good. I simply have to BELIEVE it to be so. And in my believing, I focus, prepare, do the work to expedite manifestation.

Many times, we allow our circumstances and life happenings to dictate to us what we qualify for and what we are capable of having. From childhood, we play games and rehearse fables that limit how big we think and how big of a dream we should have for ourselves. We spy with our “little eyes” all day to find things so minuscule that would make it hard for another to notice. We often do not realize that these same habits and trends we take into our adult years. We wish for the BIG life, we pray for the BIG life, we hope to have a BIG life but we really be spying with little eyes. We dream way TOO small and spy on the small things so long that we scare ourselves out of receiving mega successes.

We allow television to define success, happiness, and wholeness for us when we have been graced to blaze our own trails and walk out our own levels and versions of success. STOP PLAYING SMALL! You are really a BIG deal and then some. STOP comparing your progress to another who is not even going in the same direction as you. STOP being judgmental and hard on yourself because you came up on road blocks and detours that you really did not have the KNOW HOW to avoid, get around or get over. STOP allowing the steps of forerunners to make you feel that your shoes are too small. Whether you walk, or you run, be sure that you have synchronized steps that will blaze your own trail and empower generations behind you. You are really a BIG deal, but you have to do more than spy with little eyes to see it, you must believe it too.

We must learn to stop limiting ourselves to see only what’s before us but learn to see beyond the facts and align ourselves so that that we move beyond just mere SIGHT but clear VISION. It is one thing to have vision, but a whole other thing to WALK IT OUT daily. Gone are the days where we live below our potential and settle for the limited beliefs in who and what we are capable of becoming. I’ve learnt that aligning yourself with PURPOSE is one of the greatest fulfilments that you can experience in your lifetime. With this alignment comes peace, direction, wisdom, abundance, happiness, favor, clarity, strategy and so much more. Where there is alignment, there is a never-ending spout of creativity that is always turned to water every facet of your life.

Alignment allows us to accelerate and increase our momentum and our drive. Get back in the driver’s seat of your life and take back the control that you seemingly gave to your spouse, your children, your career, your friends, your community, your fans or your foes. Relinquish the idea of always having to sacrifice yourself to be a people pleaser. Because even with your best intention, people will always misread you. So how about you just do and be you, unapologetically. Learn to celebrate everything that makes you, you. Align to accelerate so that you gain access to all things God made possible for you.

Dare to dream…. AGAIN! Dare to dream BIG! Dare to give yourself permission to fly above your limited beliefs and all confining opinions. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and not only see the world as your canvas but believe that you can also paint on it and spread your wings to soar in it. Find your PURPOSE and allow your eyes to only see through those lens. Because through the lens of Purpose your path may not be made easy but your path is made clear. Your journey may not be the prettiest but it is paved with good intention and success. Your strength may not always be at its peak but you will always have just enough to get up and get moving. It is through your eyes of Purpose that you believe in the impossible and even focus your endeavors on manifesting even those hard and seemingly impossible things.

So let’s try this again…. I spy with my big eyes, something that is MEGA, MAJOR, MAMMOTH, and MASSIVE! What I see is beyond me and maybe even out of my reach, now. But I believe that if I can think it, have vision to see it, have the faith to believe it, the audacity to further write it, I know that I can most definitely manifest it. Align your wheels first and watch your purpose engine speed up. Align your mind and watch your thoughts be unleashed to download new possibilities. Align your words to bring into your reality those things you consistently confess and affirm. Your potential is wrapped up inside of you waiting to be unlocked.

What have you envisioned for your year? What foundation have you set to build upon this year? What are you dreaming of manifesting in your life this year? Let’s not spy on our dreams and let 2021 be another year of playing it small and playing it safe. Throw the box away, remove the cap that doesn’t fit you anyway and allow your mind to conceive dreams that seem unreachable. You can have what you have the capacity to believe for. It all starts in the mind. Align, Accelerate and Access the possibilities set before you. Don’t spy with little eyes anymore, that’s a bit childish. Now that you’re a wo(MAN) lets put away childish things and see life on the BIG screen, on the BIG stage, through those big Lens. That’s where dreams come true. Its really what you constantly see, that will be what you eventually get.

Access has been granted Sis …… Let’s Gooooo!

Let’s AIM together!

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