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I Got it from My Momma!

“If I have done anything in life worth attention, I feel sure that I inherited the disposition from my mother – Booker T. Washington

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, but It’s Mother’s Day 2021 and I could not let this day past without sharing with you the Queen of my heart, the gas in my engine, the strength behind everything that I do…. My Momma. My life stands solid on the shoulders of generations of woman who were the epitome of strength, tenacity, determination, grit and grace and my momma ofcourse is leading the pack. It’s not until you yourself becomes a mother that you realize the countless sacrifices made to keep and nurture a family. Being a mother yourself, you understand the term, “money don’t grow on trees” all too well with an added appreciation for the “you don’t need that” conversation.

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my momma” – Abraham Lincoln

This Mother’s Day, I’m so grateful that my mother is still here with me. Life, at this point, doesn’t seem like it would even make much sense without her here. So while she can still smell and see HER roses, I attribute all of my accomplishments, my goals and purpose moves, to the mother that not only birthed me, but who nurtured, cared, supported and fought for me without second thought. While God works in mysterious ways, He is also very strategic, in that He knows the right daughters to give the right mothers. Making the perfect fit to the puzzle of our lives. I may not be the smartest, the coolest or the most beautiful daughter in the world but to my mother, I’m sure I exceed all of these labels and more. I am blessed to call her at any time of the day or evening for a quick joke, to share a quick picture, to get her opinion on something or simply just to ask, “what she was up to”.

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with mothers.

I am totally convinced that my mom has the answer to every question under the sun. As old as I am, married and a mother, it’s always my mother’s advice or answers that I long to hear. If there is a meal to be cooked and I’m still unsure if only of the seasoning to use, you better believe that she is only one whatsapp call away. Before the call has ended, she have the list of seasonings, the list of ingredients, how long to simmer my pot, and even the “at home” DIY special sauce that adds a kick to your meals. I’m always having meal consultations with her. It just adds a whole lot more flavour to my pot. Listen, my cooking diversified so much in 2020. The Covid-19 protocals and lockdowns had us all in our homes just eating our life away. Ofcourse, mommy came to the rescue with some added recipes to the list. She kept saying, “boy Kel, Covid was good to you, if only for all this cooking you learning to do”…hahaha…. Indeed she was correct.

There are so many things that I got from my momma that I see showing up everyday in my life as I am now a mother. Even my physical appearance now is resembling that of my mother. My entire life I resembled my dad strongly but now that I am much older, I cannot step out of a car without someone saying, “Boy you look like Stella eh”….. geeezz I feel like I’m walking in your shoes and get timid even to think about it because they are truly some big shoes to fill (both literally and figuratively…lol). You’ve nurtured and raised my brothers and I seemingly without struggle. I know it wasn’t easy cuz challlllllll I sometimes struggle with my one, and since I do, I can only imagine the nights you’ve spent in tears for your children and your family asking God to make a way out of no way and open doors for us. I can only imagine the miracles that you prayed for until they manifested in our lives. Even now, you are still prayerful for the success, happiness and wholeness of your children.

Your love, your care, your time is unmatched. Although, you’re currently not living on the same island as me and I don’t get to see you as often as I usually would, I am so at peace because I feel your heart everyday when you send me those silly emoji stickers to check in. It’s really the small things for me and the friendship, even as mother and daughter, that we have fostered throughout the years that keeps me grounded. Now that I am a mother, I truly understand why your days always started soooooo early. As a child, I always thought you never slept. Because by the time I woke up to get ready for school, church or whatever activity that day brought, you were already up with breakfast on the table with vitamins affixed on the side, the house already cleaned, and you were ready to start our day. I never considered myself an early bird, but after marriage and motherhood, I found myself rising before or with the sun preparing for what the day will bring, something I can say I got from you. I am so blessed to have a mother like you who instilled Godly principles for life and living and taught even practical life lessons of caring and nurturing a home. I’m still not all the way there yet, but I’m so grateful for your example. Thank you for not be perfect but perfect for me.

The greatest blessings, gifts, talents are birthed through Mothers, indeed the incubators of Purpose. Today, as I am walking strongly in my Purpose, I am grateful for my mother and all the good things that I’ve been blessed to receive from her life. I am HER, because of who she was and still is to ME. I stand with all my accomplishments, my successes, my highs, my lows, my tears, and my fears, with hope because I know I have been blessed with one of the greatest angels on earth to lead my way. I am fortunate to share every special moment with you as you continue to pray all good things in to my life. You are the real MVP and I consider myself so special to play this game of life with you, because I get to score all the time.

So on this Mother’s Day, I celebrate and revel in the joys of knowing that my foundation is solid, safe and a secure, all because your hands are still holding in all together. I am a living witness that a Mother’s love is unmatched and cannot be compared to anyone else for she can take the place of so many others in your life but there is just not one that can take her place. For this reason, I strive daily to make my momma proud, make her smile, and to assure her that her prayers of old and new and her words of encouragement have not fallen to the ground. But those words have taken root, have been watered and are now blooming and producing fruit that are bringing nourishment and sustenance to others. It does my heart good just knowing that you are still here to watch your seeds blossom and grow.

What and Who I am, I attribute all to you but what I got from you is so much that can fill and fuel generations. If I can be half the mother to my seeds that you have been to me as my mother, I know my life is destined for success. I AM because you ARE. You just make me proud to say, “I GOT IT FROM MY MOMMA”.

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy and to all Mother’s that have read my sentiments above. May your hands and hearts never be empty but filled with love as you have always poured out to others. The world is indeed a better place because your fingerprints touched down and brought forth life to so many.

While I celebrate all Mother’s today, it’s really the sacrifice and love of my momma fa me!

Love always,

Your Only baby Girl

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