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The Movement 

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Welcome to the AIM Squad beauties. 

We are women; we were born strong, powerful and resilient. But in and through life’s moments, we can all agree that we women do get weak. We all know that fulfilling the role of a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, wife, or friend, can at times can be both mentally and emotionally draining. So much so that our powerful nature seems powerless. Our resilience sometimes shrinks to feelings of vulnerability and self-doubt. In these moments, we often need to AIM our lives to hit targets that would propel us forward. Your life was not meant to be lived haphazardly but with intention. AIMing to hit targets that reveal who you really are, and to uncover all there is to explore about HER.


AIMHer Goals

  • To Affirm, Inspire and Motivate Women to discover, activate and fulfil her God-given purpose in life

  • To Affirm, Inspire and Motivate Women to live their lives with intention, to be able to hit targets of Purpose, Power and Passion

  • To Affirm, Inspire and Motivate Women to live their lives unapologetic, in its fullness. 

  • To Affirm, Inspire and Motivate Women to push and soar beyond limitations.

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Do you have the capacity to believe that you are capable of achieving and manifesting even your wildest dreams? If you have the guts to believe it, despite all odds that may be stacked up against you, be encouraged that you can also achieve it. To manifest your most significant, wildest dreams, though, requires some work on your part. Work that starts in your thoughts. What positive thoughts are you focusing on that will shift your focus and, ultimately, shift your life? What words are you speaking that are fuelling your dreams? 


AIMing your life to hit your personal targets of success will require you to understand and appreciate the power in steering your life with positive words. This will foster thoughts of belief and access. 


AIMing requires you to AFFIRM the girl/woman behind the make-up and all the material possessions. A consistent declaration of things you believe about yourself or the goals and desires you wish to manifest in your life, can become your reality when you understand the power of speaking positive, affirming words over your life (especially when you are doing the speaking.) I do believe that your life responds to your own sound. We spend so much time living small and shying away from living at our full potential because of fear of manifesting true success. We desire success but afraid to live in it at its fullest. What positive words have you told yourself lately? Are you consistently flooding your days with positivity and words that affirm who you are or wish to become? Many words may have been spoken over or about you but what words are you choosing to speak over yourself? 


As you AIM, my desire is that you learn to Affirm yourself DAILY. Why? Because your words matter. They shape the world in which you live… so choose them wisely. As you AIM to your personal targets, be sure you start with what you are thinking and speaking so that they will eventually manifest to what and how you are living. 

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Who or what moves you? What triggers your emotions? Who or what mentally stimulates you to do something or feel some kind of way? What triggers your creative juices or excites your passions? Ultimately, have you discovered what really inspires you? 

Inspiration can be found in so many things and people because we are all different with different interests. Whether it is spending time with family, travelling, writing, encouraging others, or achieving personal goals, whatever inspires you, my desire is that you are always inspired to succeed, inspired to grow, inspired to live your life FULL OUT, withholding nothing. Be inspired to find who you are and who you are called to be. Be inspired to find HER. Your life was not meant to be lived in the shadows of other people; it was designed and created to influence, impact and change the world in which you live.


As you navigate through this journey of inspiration, be inspired by how far you’ve come and allowed that inspiration to propel you to where you need to go. Be inspired by the fact that there is only ONE you, and the world is so blessed to have HER in it.

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Why do you do what you do? What drives you to be you to do you and to live the life that you choose to? Your motivations explain in great detail your actions, your willingness to do something, and the goals you decide to pursue. It is in the people, things and desires that you consider a need and the extent you are willing to satisfy that need. This explains your greatest motivations. Who or what motivates your actions? Who or what motivates the path you choose to take your life in? 


In AIMing your life in the right direction, I desire you to AIM with a motivation that will create the life that you desire to live. To be who and what you are called to be. Being motivated allows you to make things happen by connecting to your core values, morals and beliefs that will help you to discover you WHY. 


As you AIM, be motivated to fortify your strengths and continuously develop and nurture a space and a life that encourages you to always be a better woman. Be motivated to make yourself happy, FIRST. After that, you can make bring happiness to others. Be motivated by your resilience, fervency, uniqueness, brilliance, and simply, your woman-ness! You are YOU… Be motivated to be ONLY Her!

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