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Always known as the encourager, the motivator, the shoulder that everyone got a chance to cry on and be supported by. She was still that person who was on the other end of the phone call, or text message, because she repeatedly said the words, “I’m only one phone call away”. She was always the “Strong” friend who seemingly said all the RIGHT things to make big problems seem small when combatting them with an encouraging word or a simple embrace. She always had many battles of her own but seemingly (to the onlookers) navigated through all of them with much Grit and Grace. The super supportive, genuine, passionate, and creative friend who made life’s loads feel a bit lighter for so many women, young and old women alike, unselfishly and most times unknowingly inspired so many to AIM for success and fulfilment of the promises of God on their lives. 

Since she knew who she was, this has always been her passion and, ultimately, her God-given Purpose. AIM has a face behind its mandate, a face that will always be seen with a tribe of women who believe they can shift and shake the world. But for the women, who struggle to see the bigger picture and doubt the possibilities of your life’s success, if there is but one who is vying for your success, she is and has always been that girl. Sis is me and I am HER!

All About H.E.R 

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