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She is at PEACE not in PIECES!

“We are all a little Broken, but last I checked, Broken Crayons can still colour the same ” – Trent Shelton.

Yes, indeed, it is true that broken crayons can still color but me being a little OCD (lol) I have always preferred coloring with crayons that are not broken. Hence, I choose to add my own spin to the previous quote that they can still color but that they feel a whole lot better and can color a lot more when they are WHOLE.

My picture shown above was taken on a Sunday Morning on my way to church to do what I love, DANCE! Additionally, while the picture is a beautiful representation (if I must say so myself…lol) of who I am, it was also the remnants and patched pieces of me that came out of one of my lowest seasons. While I functioned in ministry and showed up when asked or expected to, I showed up broken, half-healed and many times unwillingly…. All because I knew there was a job to be done. There is truly nothing that a good 'face beat', and attractive attire topped with a beautiful smile cannot hide and seemingly disguise. Many people, however, especially those associated with church and ministry, function day after day, week after week physically attractive but internally broken and in many pieces.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t bitter and neither was I in hate mode to anything or anyone, but what I was, was a broken crayon trying to color the hearts of so many through my gift but soon realized that I couldn’t even color my own heart, only the exterior that was the obvious to others. I soon realized that I could only do that job when I decided to let Go of ALLLLLLLL the thoughts, hurts, disappointments, heartaches that troubled my season prior to trying to find and patch together all of my pieces so that I could gravitate to my healing.

Many times we go through life having to walk through trying times, difficult seasons, unexpected bumps in the road… Guess what? That’s life! NO ONE absolutely NO ONE promised you a free ride at five or smooth sailing on your life's journey. With each disappointment, we’ve many times lost pieces of ourselves trying to be someone else’s PEACE. We’ve placed our lives on life support trying to give and be life to people, situations and circumstances that are already dead. We’ve extended ourselves so thin in hopes to save not only ourselves, but also the failing marriage, or the toxic friendship, the job, the business or the ministry. In so doing, we lost so much of who we are in just trying to be everything to everybody. Leaving bits and pieces of ourselves with different people and familiar places. You (we) have to come to a realization that Christ is the ONLY Savior of the world so feeling the need to hang yourself on a cross to appease people, that many times can careless, is impossible, pointless and most often, fruitless.

You (we) are so much better when we heal WHOLEHEARTEDLY from what came to kill or destroy us. Deciding to function in a broken state is not all bad, only if the intent is to push and press to your healing. However, your ministry and function in a position of wholeness brings better results, not only for you but also to those it is extended to. Give yourself the GRACE to heal. Give yourself the GRACE to forgive. Give yourself the GRACE to become WHOLE. Gather the pieces of you that you left in that failed marriage or friendship. Claim those parts of you that you gave up on, and become WHOLE. Be the BEST you that you can be so that the world can benefit from you gifts, your talents, your skills and not struggle to deal with the broken pieces you serve them.

Stop trying to normalize functioning while you’re broken because you're able to do it gracefully. Brokenness impairs your hearing and how your heart receives information, sometimes adding more fuel to an already blazing fire. Normalize healing, forgiveness and wholeness. Indeed, every season is not the best and every day you will not be on 100, but normalize working THROUGH to get TO a place of a better place.

You are your greatest self when you are whole and healed. It ultimately leads you to being happy. Committing to wholeness postures you for alignment that begins to opens doors, make your pathway clear, allow you to take advantage of new opportunities and connect you with people that will not only pour into your life but who will give you the Grace to Grow.

Broken crayons can STILL color but believe me when I say, I'm going to always grab that whole crayon because it feels much better and you’re able to color much longer, and more places when those crayons are WHOLE. I'd rather be in PEACE than struggle to find PIECES to make my life Picture Perfect.

Heal HER, by AFFIRMING HER so she can be WHOLE.

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