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What's your Word on It?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

2020, the year the whole world masked up due to a global pandemic that sifted the lives of so many, is finally drawing to a close. Wheeeewwwwww…. Its been a long time coming!! A roller coaster year with unexpected twists and turns is 10 days away from being a memory. For some, the memory is not at all a good one so much so that they wish to never repeat a year like this again. And then for others, 2020 was the year that forced them to pull out some gifts, talents and purposes that were only packed away on shelves catching dust. 2020 was really record year for innovation and businesses that blossomed right in the midst of the pandemic.

Nonetheless, no matter the kind of year your 2020 was or the memories that are still having rippling affects on your life, 2020 was indeed a “wake up call”, a “reset” kind of year to get us all to appreciate the smaller more valuable things in life. Such things as life itself, health, happiness, sound relationships, family, if only the value of freedom of movement and travel, just to name a few.

Truth be told, 2020 may have been reckless, but you are days away from crossing over, and whether you are crossing over weaker or stronger, there is still much to be grateful for. While you are thanking God to see another year end, not only will I encourage you to put an advance praise on the year you are looking forward to, but to also put a Word on it too.

What is your personal word for 2021?

What are you declaring over your year? What is that one word that you are calling into focus and prepared to go hard after next year? Find the time to get clarity and direction for the new year ahead. Do not enter your new year unsure, undecided and confused on the direction you should take to get the best out of the year. God will give you STRATEGY on how you should navigate through your year, when you have sacrificed some time to receive the CLARITY needed to make those strategies work.

Reflecting on how my 2020 unfolded, I must admit that there were many changes that I embraced, some willingly and then some by force. All of which prepared, equipped and challenged me to want to GO BIGGER, AND HARDER in 2021. The RESET of this year has transformed how I now think and how I will act going forward. No longer will I live wishing and hoping that things will happen. I am putting a word on my year that will keep me accountable to make things happen. I've come to realize that some people WANT it to Happen, some people WISH it could happen and others MAKE IT HAPPEN. I choose to be the latter. Which one will you choose to be in 2021?

With that thought in mind, I have coined my 2021 the Year for me to be "INTENTIONAL". A word that will be the catalyst for my every move because I know that I can do ALL things through Christ that gives me the strength. Philippians 4:13. My intentions next year will lead me to my place of peace, wholeness, happiness, abundance, overflow, blessing and increased favor because I am choosing to:




~ Be INTENTIONAL about my TIME, especially my time spent with God

~ Be INTENTIONAL about meeting my Goals

~Be INTENTIONAL about my Finances

~ Be INTENTIONAL about my Family

~Be INTENTIONAL about my Health


If nothing more I'm holding on to in 2021, its knowing that prosperity and success is my BIRTHRIGHT! And I will not struggle to get it. It does require a whole lot of work and intentionality to get there… OFCOURSE…. Nothing Just happens. Like 2020 was God’s intentional year to wake me up, now that I'm up, I will intentionally get to work and make 2021 my own success story.

Let’s do some things differently next year. Lets make some changes before the year rolls in to become HER. Start by, taking the limits off of yourself for 2021. Take the limits off of God for 2021. See yourself fulfilling your wildest dreams. Reaching your highest goals and hitting all of your targets. For me, I know that unless I plan, prepare, and pursue hard after my purpose, there will be no productivity in my life. Knowing this, I am determined to aim with INTENTION.

I believe strongly that if I can think it, conceive it, believe it, and have the courage to write it, I most certainly CAN and WILL MANIFEST IT, Unapologetically!

"Change is inevitable. But Growth is Intentional"

Get Intentional Queen. Start preparing for your 2021. Preparation is the key that will unlock your door of SUCCESS.

What is your Personal Word for 2021? If you have not considered one yet, I challenge you to find time to consider a word you want to press in to. Believe me, it will be the game changer for your new year ahead.

AIM with INTENTION.... or don’t AIM AT ALL!

To see your 2021 unfold in purpose, get clear on what you want out of your year and I double dare you to PUT A WORD ON IT!

Let's Gooooooooooo Squad!!

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