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The Power of HER!

“When Women become fearless, the world becomes limitless.”

I am super excited to be walking into this new month. A month I feel will be filled with miracles and manifestation that will propel me to a greater level of purpose. Every month brings with it an energy and an anticipation of hope, happiness, and possible change. March 2021 is no different. A very significant month for women globally, March is considered and celebrated as Women’s History Month. For this cause, I choose to celebrate and be intentional about my squad and the female relationships in my life.

As women, an understanding of who we are and the power that lies within us, is unrivalled. Our thrones are prepared for us, our crowns are waiting to be affixed; we need only to align and assume our positions to walk in and fulfil our royal roles. We must rise with the understanding that in all of us, there lies a Queen waiting to be called forth. We must be willing to speak to and affirm this queen so that she can answer and act accordingly. A queen positioned in her rightful position is able to break generational curses, defy all odds that may be stacked up against her, shift paradigms and pave the way for other queens to emerge.

HER purpose to bring forth life, nurture, maintain balance, sustain family life and shape nations speaks to HER essence, HER beauty, HER finesse, HER function and fit in a broken world. We are women and we were born to REIGN! As told by Kayida Hamdas, “We need women who are so strong, they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rationale, and so disciplined they can be free."

The strength in womanhood and sisterhood is unequalled once we learn the creativity that emerges when we get together. We are problem solvers and are chosen to make an impact in the world. Learning to live and love each other creates a force of unity that shatters glass ceilings and breaks barriers. A woman that is empowered to live and walk in HER purpose is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. She is capable of achieving the unreachable. She is equipped to take hold of the unimaginable and rise above every obstacle in HER way. She is a POWERFUL force.

It’s time to fully embrace our Power. Snatch our influence back because we truly can RUN THE WORLD. We must allow our femininity to gracefully shatter glass ceilings and our poise to position us in places of purpose. We are strong in our own spaces, and even stronger when we get together. Living together, building together, standing together, striving together empowers us to believe that no matter what, WE CAN and WE WILL. If only we learn the power and purpose in building strong relationships as Women. I am an advocate for woman empowerment so I am always motivated and encouraged when I see other women win. No jealousy, no shade, no naysaying but pure love, hope and heart.

Our impact and influence though, is greatly attributed to the circle we surround ourselves with. The friends and confidants we choose to keep near and dear. The squad we choose to pour into and be poured in by. The sisters that we welcome into our lives to improve our impact, influence and impression in the world. Maya Angelou once said, “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all woman.” Let us STAND UP for ourselves that we can in so doing, STAND UP for the woman who have yet to tap into their POWER and stand. Find you a tribe of woman that will cheer you on, celebrate your successes and affirm, inspire and motivate you to triumph above all odds.

Find you a squad and build relationships with those who would pray for, cover and protect your wounds and not expose them. Find you a squad who will not fold when pressure hits you or them, and expose weaknesses, failures or flaws. Find you a squad who will push you to be and do better in every area of your life. Find you a squad and build relationships with woman who would fix your crown without making it known that it was ever crooked.

I want every girl to know that HER voice can change the world. So it is time to get up, show up and SPEAK up. “A women with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But that search to find that voice can be difficult”, Melinda Gates. The world is waiting on HER to arise and hold down her kingdom. We are not perfect but striving daily for perfection. Queens realize that failure is nothing we fear. Therefore, she is not afraid to fail but uses every failed attempt as an added step on HER ladder to greatness.

Our strength lies in how well we are able to get back up after we fall because we are UNSTOPPABLE. We are RELENTLESS. We are STRONG. We are FEARLESS. We are WOMEN, standing with poise and grace to walk in the power and promises that have been set before us. We take our places in the earth.

As we walk out into March, decide to march a little different. Do not be stifled by who is with you or who you are leaving behind…MARCH on. Do not be alarmed by friends that don’t really have your best interest, who stand against you and are straddling the fence because they cannot pick a side of whether to support or leave you….MARCH on. Guard your heart and remove yourself from the things and people that interrupts your peace and… MARCH on. Wake up and realize that “their” opinions of you does not trump your opinion of yourself….MARCH on. Conclude that “their” validation is not a requirement for you to live happily on purpose…MARCH on. Decide to be contented in what brings joy to your soul and love to your heart. Never give that over to someone else. Above all, be the Heroine of your life and never the Victim. Be HER always.

Affirm, Inspire and Motivate yourself to see HER at the top, ALWAYS!

I am not my issues, my setbacks, my failures or my flaws. I am strong. I am powerful. I am a creative force. I am resilient. I am whole, I am happy. I am HER!

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