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It's Time to BLOOM!

The deep roots will never doubt Spring will come. – Marty Rubin

Hellooooooo Spring!!!!

And just like that, the winter season has seamlessly transitioned into Spring.

Springtime, a season we get to watch nature’s beauty unfold. The colors, the sunshine, the warmth in the air, and the beautiful array of blooming flowers are all indicators that a new season has emerged. Contrary to how cold, bleak and uncomfortable your winter months may have been, Spring gives us such a reassurance of how beautiful change can really be. It is the expectation and the promise that a new season must come that gives hope, courage and strength to push through cold, bitter, seasons.

For me, I am most grateful for the changes and hopefulness of Spring because not only is nature in full bloom but time has also leaped and allows us to enjoy the warmth of the sun for a little bit longer. Just as we are a week into Daylight Saving Time and the clock jumped forward an hour, focus your time and energy on what are you watching and waiting to bloom in your life? What flowers are you nurturing so that they can blossom into their full potential and ultimately produce fruit for you? We all know that everything blooms in its time. Spring 2021 may just be YOUR time.

Your time to:

*Start a New Chapter

*Start writing your book

*Open your business

*Go back to school

*Develop your training program

*Step out of your box and your comfort zone

*Start making new connections

*Quit procrastinating and start putting in the work


You may be in an uncomfortable season in your life. One of great challenges, confusion, lack of direction, clarity and strategy. Truth be told, you’re human and just like the change of seasons in nature, so it is in our lives. We should be constantly evolving and constantly changing. Just as Spring time rolls in and reminds us that there is beauty in everything, so it will be as you change to your new season. Blossom by blossom, bud by bud, Spring makes her way and changes everything reminding you that your last or current season will eventually be different. It’s a good reassurance that no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and new possibilities. A time to explore new opportunities, knock on new doors and believe that there are fresh, innovative ideas awaiting your quest. What quality are you wanting to see grow this Spring? What changes are you going to make happen? What plans are you making in preparation for your new season. Life will not just happen and unfold for you. Many things that we want and wish to happen for and in our lives, we must prepare for in previous seasons. We cannot expect to bloom when have not planted seeds in previous seasons.

I encourage you with one thing, and that is to find your lane and run your race, with grace. Evolve and grow at your own pace. Allow the beauty of the sun to force you to bloom where you are planted, unapologetically. No flower in the garden of life thinks to compete with a flower next to it. It simply blooms and becomes what it was intended to be. Consider yourself a flower in the beautiful process of becoming.

How deep are your roots?? A question to ask yourself because deep roots NEVER doubt that Spring will come…. I’m so grateful that Spring is here! Never get caught up, side-tracked or doubtful that you can and will bloom in every area of your life. You are more than just a number, more than just another body in the room. You have been created and drafted to fulfil purpose in the earth.

Do not be afraid to BLOOM in spaces where you may have to stand out… BLOOM regardless! You were born to flourish and experience the fullness of life.

Its time to BLOOM!!

Don't waste the pleasures of Spring time. Make use of the Sun. Be productive in your extra hour of daylight saving time. Take advantage of this season for it only comes but once a year.

Spring into it in FULL COLOR and lets fill our gardens with a beautiful array of splendor for the world to admire.

Let’s Believe ~ Let’s Bloom ~ Let’s Become.

Let’s AIMHer

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