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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Tell me, are you ready to set yourself FREE? "Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to FLY."

How many of you can relate to seasons in your life where you may have felt (or still feeling) stuck and unfulfilled? Wanting more but not really sure what the more looks, sounds or even feels like? Familiar with clichés and words that encourage you to know your purpose and live it out, yet you still find yourself in the space of uncertainty. Yes, we all wish we can find and fulfill purpose in every area of our lives. But, let's be honest, it's not always as easy as it seems.

We are told to tap into what drives us to determine what we are passionate about, and in doing so, we are guaranteed to find purpose. Well, this may be true, but not always easy. For some, this discovery came in childhood with the development of a gift or hidden talent. For some, 'purpose' was discovered in their teenage years, for others in their adult years. Then, some unfortunate people die with 'purpose' never revealed, untapped and most certainly unfulfilled in their lives. I believe that passions uncover purpose and help you navigate life with a little more clarity. But I also believe that we can be or feel fulfilled in life when we live on and with purpose. It is not until you become passionate about living intentionally about the fulfilment and manifestation of your own dreams and goals. However, life takes on a different aim, drive and motivation.

We spend so many years of our lives being loyal and committed to accomplishing others' visions and manifesting that of other people's dreams. So much so, that we discredit or fail to discover our own. We stand on the sidelines, sometimes in the back seat or even in the co-pilot seat watching the unravelling of dreams that are not our own. Some people may find themselves as I did—shying away from the big stage because I played myself small. How? By acknowledging and worrying so much about people's opinions, thoughts, and perceptions—that later proved they only valued me when it was beneficial for them. However, I have come to realize that if you understand your life's purpose, you will never despise your life lessons. Find the courage within to ride out every storm and navigate through every detour.

Find the courage to step out of the shadows of someone else's success and embrace the call to build your own level of success. The fact that you are caged does not mean that you do not have wings that can also FLY. You were born to fly, born to exceed all limitations and boundaries set by those around you. You were born to soar. Do not be afraid of pushing your own limits and exceeding your own imaginations. Loyalty and commitment to the advancement and growth of someone else's dreams are not only commendable but really needed because there are valuable lessons to be learnt and training to be had. Nevertheless, never get stuck there. Never allow your dreams to remain overshadowed because of fear to set yourself free. However, there are times that disappointments, failed plans, setbacks, and roadblocks help to push us to the edge; never despise them. Your training ground is strengthening your wings to take flight that will help you soar. It is not until you are either moved by force or friction that you realized that your wings were ready the whole time. It is often the worst, not the best of times that pushes us to the edge and forces up to jump. Leap into the unknown into a world of possibilities, massive heights and gutter lows.

In taking the chance to soar and fulfil your dream, your passion, and ultimately your PURPOSE, you will uncover hidden potential, untapped gifts and unexplored creativity. What better time than the present to stop playing small and take you the limits off? You were born not only to fly but to fly high. Break the glass ceilings set over you, take control of your destiny and live your life FULL OUT! No one said it would be easy, or even a walk in the park. But refuse to let your own trials keep you locked into a space of limited beliefs, shallow thinking and a closed mindset. You are capable of so much more than you even think. Do not let the distractions distract you. Do not let the discouragements discourage you. However, find the message in all your mess and testimony in every test. Allow yourself to see the beauty in the chaos of your life and a glimmer of hope amid confusion.

Life will not always be easy and turn out how we envisioned it would. But never waver or lose hope in your belief in who you are, who you were born to be and the impact that you will make in the world. Like me, you may have experienced many losses but be hopeful that your losses will be incomparable to your gains. Never allow a failed attempt at a personal dream to detour and discourage you. Change your perspective on your failures and see them only as WINS or LESSONS. Allow your pain to ignite the passion within you that would unlock your Purpose. See yourself just as I now see me. I am no longer the caged bird, but FREE to be ME. I am free to live unapologetically and explore the amazing things God has for me. I do not know the future, but I hold on to a PROMISE that He that begun a GOOD work in me is faithful to complete it. I've learned the value of being intentional about my heart, energy, and time because they are really all I have. It is the only way Manifestation will occur. We are ONLY what we declare.

Sooooooo…..the caged door is unlocked and swinging open. What will your choice be? Are you ready to take the leap yet? Can you see yourself moving, flying, soaring beyond even your own limitations? I admonish you to see yourself as

  • A bird that was once broken but now whole.

  • A bird that was afraid to fly and discover the endless possibilities of soaring, now perched and preparing to take flight.

  • A bird, who underestimated her strength, passion, and purpose but is ready to embrace the beauty of a world in need of them all.

  • A bird who refuses to be confined by others' limited opinions and perceptions is setting her own self FREE!

Take a look in the mirror and see yourself no longer as a caged bird but see yourself as FREE.

  • FREE to fly.

  • FREE to live limitlessly.

  • FREE to soar above and out of limitations.

  • FREE to do and be unapologetically YOU!

Sometimes, like a bow and arrow, life pulls us all the back for us to be shot further than we ever were. Don't play safe because it's easy, or play small because it's comfortable. Take your position at the edge of your cage as you've now been given your instruction. Ready…..AIM……. SOAR!

P.S. I'll meet you up there; there's so much room for all of us to just be FREE!

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