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Love Wishes or Love Woes!

It’s Love Week ladies!!!!!

The Week leading up to one of the most significant days of the year to publicly express love to our significant others. While the love birds are chirping and cupid is preparing to launch arrows, there are many who are grappling with the thought and reality of being alone another Valentine’s Day. Some impatiently and eagerly wishing upon a star and looking somewhere over the rainbow for love to find them. Its become daunting for many who have yet to smell roses and even receive a kiss (whether to the face or lips or one to be eaten).

Valentine’s Day, as we all know it, is a day where people, more specifically couples, whether married, engaged, just dating or even “special” friends, find ways to show and display love to each other in tangible ways. While there are many celebrating and anxiously anticipating this day with all of their love wishes, dreams and desires that they are hoping to materialize, there are many, on the other hand grappling with love woes; those past love experiences that have left deep rooted scars that hampers the journey of finding love again which forces one to be vulnerable again. Wherever you find yourself on this love spectrum, be sure to, in this love week, and beyond, not lose yourself in searching for love and even being the giver of it. Don’t lose yourself in the mix of love that “coulda”, “woulda”, “shoulda” happen. Contrary to popular opinion to show love to “THEM”, lets commit to show the same love to “HER”, the woman at the center of it all. The mother, the wife, the girlfriend, the fiancé, the sister, the aunty or just the friend. HER heart deserves the love she graciously gives to all those around her and deserves the love she desires.

All week we will be bombarded with all things RED. A bold color that signifies sexuality as it stimulates deep passion. A color associated with being “hot”, red arouses an array of emotions associated with passionate love and profound affection. A color used to celebrate and highlight one’s love journey and the sensations involved with your relationship, Valentine’s Day is one of those days that romance, passion, sensuality and sexuality is heightened on many levels (look out for those November babies :) )So much so that personal spaces will all be filled with sing-a-grams, teddy bears, kisses, sweethearts, roses and we all know the current trend of “matching couple” tees. You too, whether you have a lover or significant other, can rock your RED and passionately love ALL OF YOU in the same measure!

This Valentine’s Day, consider the importance of prioritizing YOU above trying to be a mate to someone else. Consider the many ways you are able to love HER first. Fill HER up with positivity and

the love that you seek to give. Your self-care is NOT an option, it should be a priority. It is not at all selfish, it is actually self-less so that you can be equipped to fuel and fill the hearts of others. Give yourself the love you crave from others. Give yourself the attention you yearn for and watch how fulfilled you feel, how empowered you become. Take care of yourself with intention this love week. Self-worth, self-care, self-love are all-essential to managing and maintaining your love bank. We spend countless days, months, years sometimes decades trying to find love that is not always reciprocated in the measure that it is given. We throw on our capes daily to be SUPER mom, SUPER wife, SUPER employee, SUPER sister, SUPER friend, SUPER girlfriend and often fall short of being SUPER you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to be SUPER at what you do and who you are. Be sure however, to fuel your inner SUPER woman with the love she needs to conquer HER world.

Its ok to take a break this Valentines searching for love or wishing and waiting on it to surface. But put that same energy and effort into loving you more. The love you give out should never spill from an empty tank. Make sure your deposits are made on a daily. Find ways to love on you a little more this year in Love Week. Find ways to pamper yourself, fill your heart with things you love… maybe it’s a spa day, getting a mani or pedi, sitting on the beach watching the waves, or as simple as taking a drive alone listening to your favorite music at the loudest. Whatever makes you happy and sets your soul on fire, do that. Fill your love bank with anything that comforts your heart. Love you without apology. It’s really not until we can find ways to love ourselves and cater to our own needs that we can be accepting of others doing it. We also wont be perturbed or thrown off our rocker when our expectations are not met from another person.

Go out this week with the confidence that you are loved, valued, and cherished. Not because you have someone that can make love deposits for you but because you will prioritize making deposits within yourself. Get to know yourself greater this week. Accept yourself in greater measure this week (flaws and all). Love yourself just as much as you would if there was or is a significant other waiting on the love you have to give. Be INTENTIONAL about Loving HER FIRST. Nothing selfish, just wise. Fill your cup up FIRST, so that you have some to pour out. Make deposits into your OWN love bank so that you could make withdrawals that can spill over into all your relationships in your life.

Be intentional about your spiritual, mental , and physical health. The love that you extend to others, commit to pouring it in due measure into yourself.

We will limit our love WOES and create more love WISHES if we make loving HER our first a priority.

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