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I am Raquel Minns, a lover of and for people. I live to inspire, encourage and reassure women of who they are and whom they can become, with full belief in themselves. My life’s journey empowers me to empower others to face their fears and conquer their dreams. I am a firm believer that the world needs more authentic people, more specifically, women, who will change the game in their respective spheres of influence. I am that influencer, that motivator, the empowerment maven who will boost you to a stronger belief in who you are and whom you were created to be in the earth. An advocate for affirmations and an enthusiast for self-empowerment, you will always find me in the side-lines, leading my own squad, cheering for a woman so loudly that they never doubt their ability to always WIN! 


For the woman, who feels she may have lost more at life than she has ever won, and winning seems like a far-fetched desire, I am your purpose partner, your biggest cheerleader, and your number one fan. My purpose in life has and will always be to help women like you, believe that you too can AIM your life with the intention that will force you to not only play the game well but that you can play and always WIN. 


I live to Affirm, Inspire and Motivate any and all who believe in me. I am HER, and so you can be. Let’s AIM together!

The Lady behind the Brand

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